Stephen Martineau gets revenge on General Clinton


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Stephen Martineau was a farmer living near New York City while it was occupied by British, and an anecdote is related of his putting Sir Henry Clinton and his suit of officers to flight in revenge for being made at sundry times to stand beside the road hat in hand while the cortege of his Lordship passed by. Returning home from New York City with a large wagon and a splendid pair of horses, he saw Sir Henry and his staff about to meet him in a narrow cut of the road. With a slight motion of the reins he started his team on a furious run, pretending at the same time to try to restrain them. The officers supposing he would turn out, as usual, kept the road until he was almost upon them, and only escaped being run over by suddenly spurring the hill on each side in a very undignified fashion, uttering oaths loud and fierce. An officer threatened to shoot him, but Sir Henry interposed saying it was easy to see the Provincial was not to blame, because of his team running away.


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