Letter from Kent Meyers

August 2015

I am Kent Meyers, a great great grandson of James Henry Martineau, and have been asked to be chairman of the Genealogy  Committee of the family organization. Our committee is small, but our task is great. We are fully documenting the ancestry of James Henry Martineau as our first assignment.

The committee will start meeting on the 4th Friday of every month starting May 22 at 1 pm at the Salt Lake City Family Search Library. These meetings are open to all interested parties. Assignments will be made at these meetings for specific areas of research, giving all interested family members the opportunity to participate in this work. Those family members who cannot personally attend these meeting can also be assigned specific tasks and thus help in the work. All of our work will be posted on this website including extensive work done in France by Debra Ward on our earliest known ancestor, Francois Martineau.

So, please contact me by email (  <kent@themeyers.net> ) if

  1. You are interesting in attending any of our meetings
  2. You are interested in helping with the research
  3. You can’t help right now, but would like to be kept informed.

If you know of any of James Henry’s descendants who would like to be involved in this work, please let me know.

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