Journal History

“The journals of James Henry Martineau are comparable the most descriptively written diaries of their period. They shed light on the historical events of the era, the lives of average people, and the impact of Church leaders. At times they read more like a novel than a journal. They are exciting, testimony building, and detailed. The reader will see clearly what Martineau is picturing and feel what he is experiencing. His focus was on his family and his work, while the result is a reflection of a common, yet uncommon, Latter-day Saint pioneer.”—Donald G. Godfrey

For many years this journal was lost to all but one line of descendants of the James Henry Martineau Family. After years and years of requests to see and copy of the book with no success, the book seemed to be all but lost to the remainder of his descendants, when a photocopy was given to a close relative within the same line, who eventually shared this photocopy with the James Henry Martineau Family Organization. To us it is wonderful to finally hear the voice of James Henry Martineau, our grandfather, about his family, his times and his faith.

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