James Henry as a School Teacher



I soon got a situation to teach school, but the trustees told me they thought I might not be able to go through the quarter, as the big boys had a habit of running off or thrashing the teachers. I however accepted, and had very good success. I first tried to win the love and esteem of the scholars, and by joining to this a little just severity at the start, got along very well. The worst scholars became my best ones. One little incident I will relate. About Christmas, on going to the school house, which stood in the woods alone, I found the door shut and on trying to enter, found it barricaded inside, and could hear the partially suppressed tittering of the pupils trying in vain to keep still. I inwardly was amused, but put on a show of wrath and bluster. After a little, a paper was poked under the door to me, being a notice, that unless I would treat the school to a bushel of apples and five pounds of candy, they would duck me in the creek. I pretended I would break in, and told them I would not treat They piled more benches against the door, and I, intimating I would get help to break in, went home, saddled my horse and went about five miles to the Settlement and spent the day amusing myself. Going home about sundown . . .


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