James Henry and the Desperadoes

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Smith_and_Wesson_.44_Hand_Ejector_1st_Model_New_Century_Triple_Lock_Canadian_Contract_.455_Webley-transparent copyCame to the house at noon for dinner, and I found two “cow boys” at Anderson’s store shooting around and threatening peoples lives. Thee “Cow boys’ are cattle herders, and are desperadoes. They have for months terrorized all this section of country. While I was at a window of Anderson’s house, shaving, one of them saw me and shot at me, the ball coming through the glass just over my head. I did not see him till he fired. I therefore moved my glass from the window and finished shaving. The fellow showed another the hole he had made and said “I’d have killed the G—d d—d son of a b—h shaving up there if I’d had my own pistol.” The continued shooting till almost 2-30 P.M. when two or […] men started for them with guns.

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