Dora Left on a Doorstep and Adopted

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Basket_of_Basketmaker_Pueblo_peopleThis morning Sister G. W. Thatcher sent over to see if we wanted to take a foundling baby girl, which they found on their doorstep this morning We accordingly took the poor little girl, which was about five week old, and nearly dead with cold and exposure, having been exposed to cold rain and snow during the night. It took till almost night to get her warmed again. We named her “Dora” (a gift) and by the help of God intend to be father and mother to her. Many people called in to see her. We think she was left by some woman from S. L. City, but do not know. She is a pretty little girl, but quite poor. But in Susan she has found a mother indeed, one who will not only love her, but who knows how to take care of her. We fix the 5th of September as her birth day, from the best indications.

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